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Maserati Maintenance Schedule

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If you’ve just bought a new Ghibli or Levante home to Ramsey, you probably want to know how to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible. Your Maserati maintenance schedule is a series or manufacturer-recommended services and inspections designed for your specific vehicle. Not only will following these Maserati service intervals assure that you get the most out of your high-performance vehicle, but a perfect service record can significantly boost resale value.



At Performance Maserati, we have the expertise and equipment to provide Maserati owners in the Upper Saddle River area with the first-rate car care they’re looking for! Below, we’ve outlined the key services performed at each visit.

Maserati Service Intervals: Ghibli, Levante, and Quattroporte V6

Every 12,000 Miles or One Year

  • Check engine for leaks
  • Check braking system
  • Check lines, calipers, connections, and parking brake operation
  • Check front and rear suspension, articulated joints, front and rear underframe, and tighten if necessary
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Check engine coolant level, brake fluid, windshield, and windshield fluid
  • Inspect belts
  • Check bonnets, hinges, doors, and seats (operation and linings status)
  • Check tire condition and pressure control
  • Check headlamp operation
  • Check operation of seats and seat belts
  • Run diagnostic scan

At 25,000 Miles or Two Years

  • Perform the one-year Maserati service interval, PLUS:
  • Flush brake fluid
  • Replace cabin air filter

At 37,500 Miles or Three Years

  • Perform the one-year Maserati service interval, PLUS:
  • Replace spark plugs

At 50,000 Miles or Four Years

  • Perform the two-year Maserati service interval, PLUS:
  • Replace engine air filters
  • Replace belts

At 62,500 Miles or Five Years

  • Perform the one-year Maserati service interval

At 75,000 Miles or Six Years

  • Perform the two-year and three-year Maserati service intervals

Why is the Maserati Maintenance Schedule Important?

Your Maserati maintenance schedule is designed to keep your specific Maserati model performing at its very best as the years go by. By following these precise Maserati service intervals, you can dramatically reduce the chances that your vehicle will suffer a serious mechanical issue or a breakdown while you’re out on the road in Edison. Our factory-trained experts will thoroughly inspect your vehicle at each visit and perform every service item on your Maserati maintenance schedule.

Schedule Maserati Maintenance in Whippany

If you’re ready to schedule your next service, take a moment to browse our current service specials. Questions about Maserati service or parts? Contact the service center at Performance Maserati — our team is here to help!


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